Scandilove- tales from the frozen north

When we are at conferences comparing Boards, many of us and our officers tend to compare structures- who chairs, how many students, etc. But there are other ways to look at Boards and strategy. For example- what is the balance of discussion that involves recording, reviewing and evaluating past activity to improve (looking back), versus […]

Opinion: Innovation in Universities

Alan Sutherland, CEO at Surrey SU considers why innovation is so slow in UK HE August is very much the ‘Golden Hour’ for those of us who are lucky enough to work in Student Unions. This is the time (depending on what sort of University you are in) that there is a dearth of undergraduates, […]

Our Sector: Being a Students’ Union CEO (for 11 months)

Andy Morwood, Head of Student Voice and Engagement Westminster SU: “Last year while I was at Westminster, the Chief Exec did me a pretty massive favour and let me go on a secondment to St Mary’s Students’ Union to be Chief Exec for a maternity cover role. I finished it off in the spring and […]

Our Sector: Hear the drummer get wicked

At this time of the year lots of staff in the student movement are thinking about how they might support their officers in delivering their manifestos. Jim Dickinson has taken a keen interest in the content of student officer manifestos over the years, and as well as trying to get a handle on issues like […]

Elsewhere: What’s new in college unions?

Each year,ACUI’s “The Bulletin” showcases inventive programs and services recently introduced in US (and beyond) college unions and student activities. Among these may be new events, organizations, amenities, or campaigns implemented to better meet the needs of today’s campus communities. The ideas represent just a few of the many creative solutions professionals and students have undertaken […]

Our Sector: Rewarding and Recognising Volunteers with Very Small Budgets

The two things SU’s say they need more of is always space and money, no matter how big or small the Union is. The significance of funds can be seen even more with small & specialist Unions. This is due to students wanting the same quality and access to resources as their friends in larger […]

Our Sector: Election Turnout as a KPI- Relevant or Misguided?

After leaving the student movement just over a year ago this year was the first time in 12 years that I was not been heavily immersed in the mania that is SU elections season. Running Candidate Academy events, delivering candidate briefings, checking live stats every 10 minutes and having creative debate with communications staff on […]

Our Sector: The rocks and hard places of industrial action

The onset of industrial action across the Russell Group and former 94 Group was bound to pique the interest of the right wing press- and true to form over the past week or so there has been considerable pick up of young conservatives’ petitions and Tab stories on students demanding “refunds” for lost lectures. My […]

Our Sector: Enhancing Student Representation

In recent years much of the national discussion has been about various exciting student engagement schemes – such as Students as Change Agents, Student Fellows Scheme and a whole host of other schemes. Here Guild HE’s Alex Bols argues that it should not be forgotten that student representation plays a key, and quite different, role […]