Our Sector: What are we doing on staff mental health and resilience?

One of the less discussed impacts of the rise of mental health issues amongst students and graduates is the impact this is starting to have on our staff teams in SUs. In particular we have identified resilience in the face of setbacks as a key concerns for us across our staff and the need to develop […]

Read This: Financial health of the higher education sector

For those colleagues interested in the Financial Health of your HEI or indeed the wider sector, HEFCE today launched a real bomb. “Financial health of the higher education sector: 2015-16 to 2018-19 forecasts” paints a grim picture of falling student numbers, growing capital demands, enlarging pension deficit contributions and unrealistic University strategic plans when read […]

Brexit. Now what?

If the answer was “grow our way out”, government policy was almost always either about to or in the middle of making that happen.

Our Sector: Freedom of speech and SUs- what’s really going on?

Background In recent months students’ unions have been under the spotlight in much of the press over their “censorial” attitude to freedom of speech. Triggered in part by the Spiked! Free Speech rankings and arguably culminating in a spat between Peter Tatchell and NUS, swathes of commenters have argued that controversial voices on campus are […]

Our Sector: Can casework drive change?

We were successful in the majority of our recommendations, ensuring crucial changes to timescales and securing a student panel member for the decision making process.

Our Sector: Are we all allies or are we the problem?

SU staff have become more honest, braver and simultaneously challenging and open to challenge. Staff have moved from oppressed administrators, unengaged civil servants, to motivated allies and sometimes, just sometimes, vociferous and inspiring activists

Read This: Student Debt

We’ll regularly post research, articles and papers of significant background interest to managers in Students’ Unions. The Association of Investment Companies’ (AIC) annual student debt survey suggests some startling differences of opinion between students and parents. Whether it’s where to live, where to study, whether university is actually worth it, expected levels of debt or […]