Our Sector: Demonstrating Outcomes

In this fascinating piece John Schless, CEO at Greenwich SU talks about how he set about demonstrating outcomes from the SU’s work as part of the strategic planning process.  Joining Students’ Union, University of Greenwich (SU) in April 2016 I met a dedicated staff team that had worked hard over 4 years to grow participation […]

Our Sector: New here?

In this piece Alan Roberts, Policy Development Manager at NUS gathers advice from SU staff around the UK on joining what some call “the student movement”. At the Annual Membership Services Conference for staff new to students’ unions we have a ‘welcome to the movement’ session before registration. To prep for this we asked colleagues […]

Our Sector: Building confidence & resilience through sport

Sport holds negative connotations for many students, as it is perceived to, first and foremost, be competitive, so changing the language and talking about “being active” rather than “playing sport” can keep would-be participants listening.

Our Sector: What is student engagement?

From March through to July 2015 Ollie Kasper carried out a listening project amongst the staff at University of Nottingham Students’ Union. The project asked 30+ members of Students’ Union staff at UoNSU – What does engagement mean to you? It is purely based on listening to members of staff in the organisation, and represents […]

Our Sector: A (Strategic) Question of Sport

In this fascinating thinkpiece from Warwick’s Sports Coordinator, Tom Daly asks serious questions about diversity in Sport. It seems sometimes that sport is an issue that is forgotten in discussion within the Student Movement-  and accessibility into disability sport is an even rarer subject of conversation. It’s a common belief from those who discuss disability […]

Our Sector: A new Charity Governance Code

“However the major problems with the Charity Code are similar to those of its previous iteration- it is insufficiently mindful of what it means to be a democratic membership charity”

Our Sector: Gimme Gimme Gimme a student perspective on the OIA

In which Sophie Williams, CEO at Worcester and Board member at OIA introduces her role One of the most powerful things that Students’ Unions can do is help students with their complaints. Even the most benevolent HEI will defend itself when in a dispute with a student- so SUs that play an active role in […]

Quick Post: Is it true that there has to be an SU in an HEI?

It was a pet peeve of mine when I was NUS that colleagues and officers would peddle the myth that EA94 requires an SU- it doesn’t. It just creates regulation when there is an SU. However, all is not lost. Section 20 defines SUs. The Tories were so concerned that we’d wriggle round the legislation […]

Our Sector: What should we be looking for in Uni Mental Health strategies?

As part of work at his institution, here changeSU editor Jim Dickinson notes down his findings from a review of UK guidance, student feedback and over 30 UK, Australian and US mental health strategies. Feedback, additions and suggestions would be welcome in the comments below.  What we ought to see in a University Mental Health […]