Our Sector: HE Sector Green Paper Responses on SUs

Universities UK Students and student unions are valued partners in the delivery of high quality higher education and universities benefit from productive relationships with their students’ representative bodies. Similarly the proposals for the TEF and the office for students aim to place students at the heart of the system. The organised student voice is essential […]

Our Sector: Social Media Beyond Facebook and Twitter

In this piece Laura Dickens from Warwick SU looks at social media beyond Facebook and Twitter Without a doubt, Facebook continues to be the hub for all things Social Media and communication – having a daily usership of 1 billion people every day. This is only likely to grow – with the sheer amount of […]

Our Sector: Can casework drive change?

We were successful in the majority of our recommendations, ensuring crucial changes to timescales and securing a student panel member for the decision making process.

Our Sector: Are we all allies or are we the problem?

SU staff have become more honest, braver and simultaneously challenging and open to challenge. Staff have moved from oppressed administrators, unengaged civil servants, to motivated allies and sometimes, just sometimes, vociferous and inspiring activists

Our Sector: Helping officers develop political goals

In the latest in a series on supporting elected officers Jim Dickinson looks at the process of developing political goals with officers The respective roles of elected officers and staff- and the relationship between them- has been debated and theorised for as long as the student movement has existed. In his introduction to the NUS […]

Our Sector: NSS 2015 Part 3

In this set of tables I have used the Registered Institution data for 2012 and 2015 building a list of 131 students’ unions/guilds/associations in HEI’s that appeared in the NSS in all four years 2012 to 2015. The data involved is similar to that used in Daniel Palmer’s very clear league tables except I have excluded […]