Our Sector: NSS 2015 Part 3

In this set of tables I have used the Registered Institution data for 2012 and 2015 building a list of 131 students’ unions/guilds/associations in HEI’s that appeared in the NSS in all four years 2012 to 2015. The data involved is similar to that used in Daniel Palmer’s very clear league tables except I have excluded […]

Our Sector: NSS 2015 Part Two

Below you can download the full list of NSS Q23 satisfaction scores for each HE union with comparative scores from the previous three years. I’m posting this information with a tinge of sadness, as it may be the penultimate time that an SU question is included within the NSS. For those of you that don’t […]

Our Sector: NSS 2015 Part One

Available to download below is a set of three league tables based on SU satisfaction scores in the NSS for Taught Institutions with over 500 final year students. The thin lines are every drawn five unions to make it easier to read across, whereas the thick lines divide the list into 4 quarters by the Q23 […]

Our Sector: An NSS Masterclass

We also discussed value for money and floated a measure that SU’s could use with funders: Cost per Satisfied Student. This was defined as the total of recurrent grant funding divided by the number of satisfied students (= student numbers x Q23 score)

Our Sector: Reflections on Officer handover

I have noticed some of distinct character types that emerge as sabbaticals look towards the exit signs – by identifying these behaviours, we can ensure that our officers leave with dignity, and then you are not left picking up the pieces of a disruptive exit.