Our Sector: Trojan Mice

Hot on the Heels of this year’s “Comms by the Coast” event, organiser Jo Walters (Digital Engagement Manager at University of Sussex Students’ Union) writes on change initiatives in Students’ Unions. The phrase ‘trojan mice’ was popularised by Euan Semple, a public speaker, writer and consultant, in his book Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do: A […]

Our Sector: Elected officers- strategic problem or strategic solution?

There has begun to be some movement within students’ unions and the wider charitable sector around the need for strategic plans. In other sectors they are indeed beginning to lose their tyrannical grip, being replaced with risk registers and beanbags. This of course is nothing new as management fads wax and wane as they always […]

Our Sector: Round the Clock Representation

Round the Clock Representation isn’t just the maxim of Academic Reps, but of all kinds of students who work to provide a voice, and all kinds of unions whose heartbeat comes from the needs and expectations of their members. As the saying goes, no two days are the same. It follows, then, that everything we […]

Think: Higher Education, Students’ Unions and the Question of Conscience

The purpose of this piece is to contribute to a conversation between students’ unions and the existing discourse within higher education with the belief that students’ unions have an interesting and important contribution to make in that discourse. It is speculative; it moves from the suggested roles of higher education in the UK to the […]

Our Sector: So what is their secret?

Joining a new Students’ Union is a fascinating experience. Here, Jaki Booth, formerly of Southampton SU, reflects on joining Sheffield as the new CEO. What’s their secret? Being new is a fascinating experience. It is one I have become fairly adept at, as I relocate to join my 8th HEI. Of course it is an enormous privilege […]

Our Sector: Building Success

The management of a new building project at Nottingham Trent The new Students’ Union building at Nottingham Trent’s City Campus houses the union’s membership and commercial services and university sports facilities. It has been built on university land by a private halls provider which manages 630 bed spaces located immediately above the new union. The […]