Our Sector: So how do we compare?

The team at ChangeSU asked me to write an article with some observations on what Students’ Unions do well and not so well in comparison to the wider world of organisations. You will appreciate that this is a little daunting, be too praiseworthy and it may appear sycophantic; be too critical and it may prove to […]

NSS 2014: Don’t judge me. Or do.

UWE, November 1995. I’ll never forget the moment. I was getting my first undergraduate essay back, all sweaty palmed and full of feverish expectation as I snatched the folder from the administrator to see how I’d been judged. Marked. Assessed. Ranked. 45 was the mark. And the comment? “Spend less time working in the bar […]

Our Sector: Elected officers- strategic problem or strategic solution?

There has begun to be some movement within students’ unions and the wider charitable sector around the need for strategic plans. In other sectors they are indeed beginning to lose their tyrannical grip, being replaced with risk registers and beanbags. This of course is nothing new as management fads wax and wane as they always […]

Opinion: HE as a kind of Cupid

Frances O’Grady, the General Secretary of the TUC, was on Radio 4 recently trying to justify trade unions in the modern age against the usual critiques of falling membership, clunky democracy and the unpleasant ‘male and pale’ grandstanding of mass industrial relations. We’ve got to remember why unions were formed. Power. Individual workers don’t have […]