NSS 2014: SU’s League Table

As with previous years I have put together the full list of NSS Q23 satisfaction scores for each HE union. The full table is below along with scores from the previous two years. This year’s results are more informative than previous years as we can now start to identify trends and develop more accurate insights into the data. Jon Berg (CEO at Teesside) is doing some excellent work in this area and there is something that everyone can take from it.

The most significant issue that I can see from the data is the worrying lurch backwards at the bottom of the league table. As a movement it is concerning that some of the UK’s ‘best’ universities have comparatively poor students’ unions (if measured by the satisfaction of their undergraduate students). I fear that this only harms the argument that good students’ unions are essential for an excellent student experience. I would put the case that this should be a focus for development of NUS’ strategic development unit.

As ever, with league tables I would encourage that the reader puts the results into perspective and to use appropriate measures to identify what success looks like; blindly comparing your Union to Sheffield is often a mistake.

For this year’s results I have included the ‘registered’ and ‘taught’ scores as their use is mixed for comparison purposes.

NSS SU’s League Table – 2014

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about the table then please let me know- PalmerD@cardiff.ac.uk

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