NSS 2014: Three league tables in one

I wanted to share some work we have been doing on students’ union satisfaction scores from NSS Q23. First of all a quick ‘then and now’ comparison…

The ‘long tail’ of SU scores is now 63%, more than 2012’s 56%, and 3X the university scoring range of about 20%. This is the national equivalent of the HEI vs SU ‘margins’ below.NB the relatively small changes in these averages* hide much larger changes in individual SU scores, up and down, over the two years. See Dan Palmer’s Q23 table for examples.

In addition here are three league tables in one from NSS 2014(R)…

First off is ranked by the SU’s satisfaction score on Q23, from Sheffield’s 94% downwards, please see Dan Palmer’s table for each union’s year on year changes.

The second table is ranked by the notable gaps between the institutions’ overall satisfaction scores and that of their SU. This ‘margin’ is what I would focus on and I wonder how long before we see some ‘tough love’ in dealing with the larger gaps of 20% or more?

The third table looks at the % of students who said they were very satisfied (i.e. put a 5) with their students’ union. Although less robust than the published SU score this could be taken as an approximate measure of direct SU to student engagement.

Overall, the average score for SU satisfaction has increased slightly over the three years of question 23. Above we note the wide variations in SU score changes between 2012 and 2014. You may be interested to know that 62% of SU’s had higher scores and 32% had lower scores, and just 6% had the same Q23 score in 2012 and 2014. The table and graph below shows the variation across students’ unions with nearly a quarter of unions improving their Q23 score by 5-10% over 2 years.



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