The Fiver: Strategic Plans

Every so often we’ll take five things from the SU sector to illustrate a range of approaches to the same issue. This week: Strategic Plans.

1. Back in 2011 Kent Union launched its current plan, which runs to this year. It has a central “one page plan” wheel, with underpinning goals and objectives throughout the plan.

Kent Union Plan

2. Leeds University Union’s plan took a 4,000 strong student consultation exercise to a new vision and nine areas of work through to this year. The plan focussed on a series of “Big Ideas” which were updated throughout the plan’s life.

LUU Plan

LUU Big Ideas Guide

3. Huddersfield SU launched their new plan this year. As well as developing three big strategic aims underpinned by a series of enablers, they even included a series of “outtakes and outriders” in their document, gathered during the consultation exercise but not prioritised by the student leadership team.

Huddersfield SU Strategy

4. NUS Award winning students’ union Lincoln Students’ Union launched their new strategy last year. It takes the key areas of the Union’s work and cycles through research findings, goals, actions, and- crucially- sets out what success will look like for the union in that area.

Lincoln’s Plan

5. Cumbria SU launched their new plan this year. It sets out clearly on a single page purpose, values, vision and work themes. Their themes reflect key aspects of student life- work, education and student life.

Cumbria’s plan


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