Our Sector: NSS 2015 Part One

Available to download below is a set of three league tables based on SU satisfaction scores in the NSS for Taught Institutions with over 500 final year students. The thin lines are every drawn five unions to make it easier to read across, whereas the thick lines divide the list into 4 quarters by the Q23 score.

The rankings are based on three different measures: Q23 Taught score for SU, Margin between HEI and SU scores, and the % of students who put a 5 for their SU. The rankings are generally similar but the top tens in red vary as you can see.

There has been an increase in SU satisfaction since 2014 and the first Q23 in 2012, but the movements in individual union scores are more volatile than the yearly 1% increase the averages suggest.

Download: Three league tables

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