Our Sector: NSS 2015 Part Two

Below you can download the full list of NSS Q23 satisfaction scores for each HE union with comparative scores from the previous three years.

I’m posting this information with a tinge of sadness, as it may be the penultimate time that an SU question is included within the NSS. For those of you that don’t know, HEFCE are reviewing the NSS – and on the advice of NUS are reviewing question 23. Some testing has taken place on possible replacement questions, but none have been suitable. I can’t hide that I think it would be a terrible mistake for us to lose an SU question from the main body of NSS questions and I fear it will make us less relevant.

I would encourage anyone who isn’t using their NSS data to inform how they engage with students to start doing so. Rightly, some have pointed out to me that we can’t tell what motivates students to rate us how they do in Q23, but it certainly points to the type of students we should be asking in secondary research. I also know that some are critical of the idea of measuring one University / SU against another as the local contexts are often different. These issues certainly need to be taken into account and Jon Berg’s work on looking at the margin between the SU and University scores are a good way of measuring performance in the local context.

I’ve found this year’s data particularly fascinating. The impact of strategic decisions / capital projects (/ bad publicity stunts!) can often be seen in Q23 scoring. It would be great if those having big successes could share their experiences.

Note: I’ve got rid of the quartile averages and replaced them with ‘cut’ scores. These are the scores required to make it into the top quartile / 2nd quartile and so on in each year. Happily, you can see that there is continual improvement. It also highlights that the sector average for Q23 scores doesn’t fully acknowledge the upward trend of HE SU’s in driving up their NSS scores, as the sector average includes HE in FE institutions.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about the table then please get in touch with me or Jon Berg.

Download: NSS SU’s League Table – 2015

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