Secret CEO: President Problems

Q: “The Vice Chancellor seems to have hit it off very badly with this year’s new President at the welcome lunch, and I’m worried that this will impact on our wider relationship and funding for the year ahead. Should we try and get round this as it’s only an 11 month problem, or tackle it […]

Think: Higher Education, Students’ Unions and the Question of Conscience

The purpose of this piece is to contribute to a conversation between students’ unions and the existing discourse within higher education with the belief that students’ unions have an interesting and important contribution to make in that discourse. It is speculative; it moves from the suggested roles of higher education in the UK to the […]

Profession: July 2014

We’ll do all we can to keep up with who’s joining and leaving Senior Posts in Students’ Unions Jaki Booth joined Sheffield Students’ Union on June 2nd. Jaki joins following four-and-a-half years at Southampton University Students’ Union. Before that she spent seven years at Birmingham City Students’ Union as general manager. Ally Buckle, Sheffield Students’ […]

Our Sector: So what is their secret?

Joining a new Students’ Union is a fascinating experience. Here, Jaki Booth, formerly of Southampton SU, reflects on joining Sheffield as the new CEO. What’s their secret? Being new is a fascinating experience. It is one I have become fairly adept at, as I relocate to join my 8th HEI. Of course it is an enormous privilege […]

Read This: Expectations and perceptions

We’ll regularly post research, articles and papers of significant background interest to managers in Students’ Unions. In 2012 the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) commissioned King’s College London, led by Dr Camille B. Kandiko Howson, to undertake research into student expectations and perceptions of the quality of their learning experience and the academic standards of their […]

Elsewhere: Data Stories to Communicate Value

Our comrades in the Association of College Unions international often have interesting reflections. Here student activities professionals Kurt Moderson & Sherry Woosley discuss articulation of the value of student unions. Too often, we are focused on surviving and thriving in our current week. While understandable, our daily tasks often command most of our attention. As a […]

Our Sector: Building Success

The management of a new building project at Nottingham Trent The new Students’ Union building at Nottingham Trent’s City Campus houses the union’s membership and commercial services and university sports facilities. It has been built on university land by a private halls provider which manages 630 bed spaces located immediately above the new union. The […]

Opinion: HE as a kind of Cupid

Frances O’Grady, the General Secretary of the TUC, was on Radio 4 recently trying to justify trade unions in the modern age against the usual critiques of falling membership, clunky democracy and the unpleasant ‘male and pale’ grandstanding of mass industrial relations. We’ve got to remember why unions were formed. Power. Individual workers don’t have […]

The Fiver: Strategic Plans

Every so often we’ll take five things from the SU sector to illustrate a range of approaches to the same issue. This week: Strategic Plans. 1. Back in 2011 Kent Union launched its current plan, which runs to this year. It has a central “one page plan” wheel, with underpinning goals and objectives throughout the […]

Read This: Quality, quantity or diversity?

We’ll regularly post research, articles and papers of significant background interest to managers in Students’ Unions. “Quality, quantity or diversity? The next ten years of higher education change in England” is a paper written for the Higher Education Academy by the CEO of Guild HE, Andy Westwood. Andy is a former Civil Servant in the […]