Back in May 2014, following far too many conversations at far too many NUS events, a small group of senior managers from Students’ Unions met up to discuss what we might do about what we might call a gap in professional discourse and dialogue for SU senior managers. Overall, we took the view that (unlike in the States and other sectors) there is lack of sense of professional practice for SU SMs, a lack of structured ability for Senior Managers to meet/share, and a need to create a space where we can understand how other unions are managed and led- and why.

As well as the usual ideas of special sessions at SU14 and events, we decided that a curated hub of written material and resources would be useful to create a genuine community of practice. Whilst NUS Spotlight is a great, useful read, it doesn’t act to directly address the needs above (and it probably shouldn’t)- and in fact we were thinking more in the vein of the old AMSU Agenda magazine, but online.

Put simply we want this “thing” to become a go to destination for people that run students’ unions- with ideas, debate, resources and case studies. We thought these sorts of things could be useful:

• Case study articles (what’s going on in unions)
• Small curated collections of resources (ie 10 strategic plans, 10 KPI dashboards)
• Opinion (ie why our Governance is weird)
• CEO Problem and 3 solutions from key figures
• News (ie who’s in and out- we are a profession)
• Research into students, regular summaries of research that unions have done
• Regular lay trustees contribution (from their sectors)

Any community is only as good as its contributors- so please do think about submitting something to the site- just email changesu@outlook.com


Jim Dickinson, UEA

Kat Stark & Ben Whitaker, West London

Ed Marsh, Middlesex

Ben Ward, Manchester

Marie Nixon, Sunderland

Matt Robinson, Man Met

Rhys Dart, Bangor


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